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The Hannam & Partners industry teams periodically write thematic research on commodities, geographies or issues we believe are of relevance and interest to our corporate and institutional clients.  A selection of recent pieces is featured below.

Uranium – An Asian Tide October 2016

Kurdistan Oil and Gas Outlook December 2015 

Why buy exploration at $50 oil November 2015

Bauxite industry background October 2015

UKCS Overview September 2015

Iron Ore and Steel Market Overview July 2015

Current themes in Mining Restructuring February 2015

Our Directors and Partners are frequent speakers and panellists and the leading industry conferences in our sectors.  A selection of recent presentations and commentary is featured below.

TZMI Mineral Sands Speaker – Ingo Hofmaier (November 2016)

CRU Phosphates Speaker – Ingo Hofmaier (March 2016)

Mines & Money briefing notes Speaker – Ian Hannam (December 2015)

Mining, Kazakhstan and the Uncooperative Capital Markets Speaker – Ingo Hofmaier (June 2015)

Coal Overview Speaker – Ingo Hofmaier (December 2014)

*Updating media links*

“Yes, the oil supermajors are safe investments.” 30 August 2017. Neil Passmore, CEO.


“The victor, the spoils? Trump eyes Afghanistan’s elusive mineral riches.” 21 August 2017. Leigh Fogelman, Director.


“The view from The City.” 5 June 2017. Neil Passmore, CEO.


Mining Journal
“Will China’s growth survive its economic transition?” 27 March 2017. Ingo Hofmaier, Partner.


“Independent oil firms chart course for region.” 22 March 2017. Sam Merlin, Vice President.


“Opec will need to extend the new normal, but how it gets everyone to stick with production cuts is still shrouded.” 12 March 2017. Sam Merlin, Vice President.


“Oil market: OPEC compliance with production cuts and outlook for oil prices.” 10 February 2017. Alex Holbourn, Director.


“Oil prices and petrol pricing.” 17 January 2017. Alex Holbourn, Director.
“Kurdistan Woes Hurt Independent Oil Majors.” 27 November 16. Alex Holbourn, Director.


“BP and Shell Results.” 01 November 2016. Alex Holbourn, Director.


“OPEC good on carrots, but lacks sticks.” 12 October 2016. Neil Passmore, CEO.


“Opec output freeze won’t solve all issues.” 09 October 2016. Sam Merlin, Vice President.
“Oil is on another steep slide, but stocks don’t care.” 02 September 2016. Neil Passmore, CEO.


The Banker
“Hannam & Partners digs deep with Kenmare deal.” 01 September 2016. Andrew Chubb, Partner & Ingo Hofmaier, Partner.


“Cost of holding gold is falling: Hannam & Partners.” 11 August 2016. Ingo Hofmaier, Partner.


“Weak pound, share-price declines boost bid prospects for U.K. mid-market oil groups.” 15 July 2016.


“Financial, energy sectors boost U.S. stocks.” 20 April 2016. Giles Fitzpatrick, Partner.


“Iran offers mining riches post-sanctions, but investors cautious.” 15 February 2016. Neil Passmore, CEO.
“Iran offers mining riches post-sanctions.” 14 February 2016. Neil Passmore, CEO.


“Oil demand side looking ugly.” 5 February 2016. Neil Passmore, CEO. (video).


Mining Journal
“A developing view on African opportunities.” 20 January 2016.


“Futures drop global stocks on slide on oil rout.” 20 January 2016. Giles Fitzpatrick, Partner.


Share Radio
“Iran/Saudi tensions.” Sam Merlin, Vice President.


“Glencore looks to ‘streaming’ deals for quick cash.” 12 October 2015. Neil Passmore, CEO.


“What a fed rate hike means for gold.” 16 September 2015. Neil Passmore, CEO.


“Fed-ticipation weighs on gold.” 14 September 2015. Neil Passmore, CEO.


Mining Journal
“Under pressure in South Africa.” 19 August 2015. Andrew Chubb, Director.


Share Radio“Why has the gold price plunged?” 23 July 2015. Neil Passmore, CEO.


Mining Journal
“Speed bumps add to potholes for region’s investors.” 9 April 2015. Ingo Hofmaier, Director.


“West African iron boom turns to bust.” 31 March 2015. Andrew Chubb, Director.


City A.M.
“The City’s King of Mining is back on top.” 28 January 2015. Ian Hannam, Founder.


“Will there be merger mania in 2015?” 27 December 2014. Neil Passmore, CEO.

“Hannam sets up advisory firm despite losing market abuse appeal.” 7 September 2014. Ian Hannam, Founder.

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